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The current stable version of accedit is 0.2. Next, a number of bugfix-releases is planned, depending on user feedback. These bugfix releases will be dubbed 0.2.x. Development for the 0.3 release is planned at best for early 2005 (but the summer of 2005 is more likely).

Version 0.1
Open and edit a settings file in MIDI SysEx format done
English version, support for multi-language user interface done
Feature-complete API to manipulate settings. done
Version 0.2
Basic file management (new, open, save) done
Editor pane to edit (doh) settings (see this image for a concept) done
Version 0.2.x
bugfix releases
Version 0.3
Overview of (changed) settings in the open file TODO
Support for up/downloading settings from the instrument directly using a MIDI interface TODO